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Personal style has the power to lift you up and transform your life... Just ask my clients.  

Having great style isn't about showing OFF, it's about showing UP
My job is to give you the knowledge and tools you need to have great style,
so that you can show up with confidence in every area of your life.
Every. Single. Day.

Having a style that feels authentic to you and your story can be both simple and attainable. I specialize in helping my clients discover their signature style and build wardrobes that are flattering and fit their lifestyle.  

You're worth the investment!
And I'm here to help.

You'll never regret
investing in yourself


  • Are looking for a quick win that STILL gives you incredible results? 
  • Do you need clothes that better reflect the "you" you are today?
  • A shopping trip with an expert will enable you to elevate your style and boost your confidence.
  • Purchase new pieces and learn what works best for your style, shape, and budget. 

  • Do you still have clothes from your first job, your last relationship, the previous 2 decades? 
  • Unsure of what clothes in your closet still work and what are no longer serving you?
  • Do you open your closet and feel.... overwhelmed, tired, bored?
  •  Take command of your closet to remove decision fatigue and elevate your day-to-day style.

Dress for success

Closet makeover please!

Take me shopping!

Yes! I want a makeover

Not ready for a full makeover? Start by taking command of your closet!
The FULL makeover. Everything you need to take command of your style . 
Save time and money
by shopping with an expert .

The Ultimate Closet Makeover

The Ultimate 


Ultimate Event Styling

  • Have a special event on the horizon?
  • Your style tells your story. Let an expert ensure your style aligns with the story you want to tell.
  • I've dressed clients for interviews, keynote speeches, media events, brand shoots, family photos, weddings, etc. 
  • I'll handle your style, so you can focus on everything else.

When all eyes are on you, it pays to leave nothing to chance.

  • Are you looking to re-do your wardrobe completely?
  • Do you know that most of the clothes in your closet don't fit who you are today?
  • This package has everything you need to revamp your style.
  • No more guesswork. No more stress. No more wasting money!


Work with me and get a free, lifetime membership 
to a personal virtual closet.

A truly awesome tool where you can track
the items in your wardrobe and your favorite outfits
on any of your devices.

Pack for your trip on the train  
or screen your wardrobe for similar items before you buy. 
Your closet is always there for you at your fingertips.

A Virtual Closet

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Style is journey, not a destination.
The best wardrobes get built over time.

Whatever your current needs are, I'm here to help!

Purchase 1 to 3 hours of time with Style by Valentine and get the help
you need to continue to
slay your style goals.

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I'd love to know more about you and your style needs.
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Let's Talk

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-Jamie Diaz Robinson, MD, client

"I get compliments all the time.  Now getting dressed is easy and fun."

My husband bought a stylist package for my birthday and in came Katie who brought a breath of fresh air into my life. She organized my closet, helped me let go of pieces that weren't serving a purpose anymore, and unveiled my style.
I wanted a capsule wardrobe with favorite pieces that are easy to mix and match for daily wear.  She brought life back to pieces I cherished and introduced me to items I never knew I needed. I couldn’t be more thrilled with Katie. She delivered all my wants and left me excited about my style. Now getting dressed is easy and fun. I get compliments all the time. I have continued to work with Katie and I highly recommend her!

"Katie is excellent at her craft. She is like a style therapist!"

After working with Katie I feel awesome getting dressed for work and life. In the past, I found that spending so much time in my head about what to wear, only to not feel good in your clothes, impacts everything in a bad way.  I was kind of aimless before and now I totally get what I want and don't want, what fits and what doesn't. Katie really got my psychological style down and helped me find my look.


"Katie was worth every penny for my closet edit!"

Katie was worth EVERY penny for my closet edit! Her gift is invaluable. She’s very kind & knowledgeable while helping you to pull the woman you see in your head out into the real world. I didn’t even buy new pieces yet, but I’m still already able to style myself better with Katie’s advice & the style profile she created for me. She will definitely be a part of my village moving forward!

-Naya T. Client

"As a guy, I've been sticking to a similar style most of my adult life... Katie vastly expanded my style choices."

As a guy, I've been sticking to a similar style for most of my adult life. Often, I'd get the same clothes over and over again without even trying them on. Katie really helped open my eyes to the importance of fit and also vastly expanded my style choices, resulting in a sharper, more sophisticated look. I've had positive feedback from old friends and new, from day one of working together. She is wonderful to work with and I highly recommend her. 


- RUPAL, client

"Katie not only shopped for me, she also taught me style guidelines for my particular body shape."

Katie has been such a pleasure to work with. She is fun, bubbly, and honest. She carefully curated a wardrobe that reflects my personality and style and works with my busy lifestyle.
Katie not only shopped for me, she also taught me style guidelines for my particular body shape. Learning the do's and don'ts has allowed me to learn how to style myself independently. I love that about Style By Valentine!

- Katie K, client

"For the first time... I've felt confident when I get dressed in the morning!"

Katie is just the best. For the first time in my post-kid life, I've felt confident when I get dressed in the morning, knowing that my clothes work for my body type. I also appreciate that Katie is practical, and always looks for cheaper options, especially for basics- she doesn't just push pricey brand name items on you for everything! So many of my friends have asked for her information after hearing me sing her praises. I think everyone needs a Katie Valentine in their life.

-Dalia K, client

"[Katie} is incredibly knowledgeable and responsive to what I liked."

Katie is a joy with whom to work. She gave me confidence in selecting styles that worked with my body type and style needs. She is incredibly knowledgeable and responsive to what I liked, but also had the expertise to suggest other styles to expand my wardrobe and style 

"Katie was a huge asset in helping me feel my best."

Katie was a huge asset in helping me feel at my best on my big photoshoot day. She put in a ton of work to capture my style (loved the Canva lookbook!), and helped me through the purchasing process. She is kind, supportive, and just overall wonderful!

-Ann, Brand Shoot Client

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